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Professional Headshot Photography in Cedarhurst

Long Island New York Headshots offers headshot photography near the Queens border, on the South Shore of Long Island. Professional headshots for professional people is my tagline. If you consider yourself to be a professional, you should enjoy the benefits of a professional headshot. You can read my article about the benefits of having a professional headshot here. Headshot sessions are available by appointment only. Weekday and weekend sessions are offered.

I am a trained studio photographer and experienced location specialist: fully portable and can travel to your offices to photograph groups and individuals. At the home based Studio 508, located in the Village of Cedarhurst, you have the advantages of additional background set-ups, as well as natural light. Cedarhurst has a large municipal parking adjacent to the building. Cedarhurst sessions can also be quick if you are in a hurry, and I can accommodate multiple wardrobe changes for a more in depth session tailored to different needs: Website, newsletter, social media, company intranet, business collateral.

I'd love to hear from you. Tap CONTACT to inquire about availability and to send a message. Tap rates for more information.