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Dr Rick Henningsen author headshot

Dr. Rick Henningsen author headshot

I got a call one morning, the person at the other end said, "I need a headshot for my publicist right away, can I come in now?" Rick was one hour away! I said sure. I am usually set up for headshots. Although I schedule headshots by appointment only, Rick sounded like such a nice man over the phone, and he was!

I work out of a space in Cedarhurst, on the South Shore of Long Island, proximate to the Queens border.

The majority of clients that book headshots with Long island New York headshots, Ellen Wolff Photography, drive at least 45 minutes to get here. I am not exactly a local headshot photographer. I am a regional headshot photographer. When I ask clients how they found me, most reply with "headshots near me." And when they find out I am an hour away, they don't mind. They tell me they think I am the best. And I appreciate that so much.

Getting back to Dr. Henningsen. He is the author of several best selling books. And was interviewed by me after this headshot was take. You can read more about him. Click here and you will be taken to my interview with Rick, posted in my Client Spotlight.

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